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Proteque -  NON-STEROID solution for Hands, Body, Face and Feet eczema and dermatitis - adults and children

Proteque - NON-STEROID solution for eczema and dermatitis - adults and children.

Be sure to see Proteque's new education guide for families with eczema:
What Every Family With Eczema Should Know: Eczema Education Guide for Parents and Physicians

Itchy, red, dry, cracked, scaly, rash, painful, irritated?
Does that describe your skin, or hands?
Or your children's, baby's, mom's, dad's, co-worker's skin?

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Protèque (pronounced "pro-teck") can help. Protèque is the first Non-Steroid, non-prescription Product for Hands, Body, Face and Feet eczema and irritant contact dermatitis (ICD) sufferers - adults, children, and infants.

Eczema and dermatitis are chronic skin problems that are not easy to cope with. Protèque can help. Our company was the first to introduce a non-steroid, over-the-counter formulation to manage these skin conditions. Doctors call it a steroid-sparing approach to skin disease management. It addresses the concerns of physicians, parents and patients about adverse long-term effects caused by prolonged use of topical cortico-steroids, especially for children and recurring adult eczema. University pilot clinical research bares out our claim. Over 4,000 Dermatologists and 3,000 Pediatricians, Allergists, Ob-Gyns and Family Practitioners in private practice, or at HMO's such as Kaiser Permanente, use our product themselves and recommend it to patients for eczema and dermatitis applications.

This website contains educational links for Physicians and Nurses, and for Consumers (Parents, children,and family) looking for steroid-sparing and non-steroid solutions to chronic and recurring skin conditions such as eczema, especially on the hands, but also on the feet, legs, face and body.

Navigate around our web site and you'll learn more about this breakthrough product that combines a water-resistant skin protectant, anti-inflammatory botanicals and antibacterial ingredient into an all-in-one, affordable, elegant, personal healthcare lotion. You'll also learn you're not alone. A full 20 percent of the population suffers from this condition at some time in their life. We would like you to try our product, but we also want you to learn more about this condition and how to control it.

See a list of Dermatologists who sell Proteque by state.

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