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Mission Statement

Nature's Innovation, Inc.'s mission is to provide integrated systems and solutions for professional and consumer skin protection, globally.

Nature's Innovation, Inc. works with leading research, medical and healthcare provider organizations to set the standards for quality, safety and effectiveness of integrated skin protection and delivery systems.

Management and Consultants

Fred Brachman, President & CEO, has 28 years of business strategy and development experience in consumer goods and services, industrial, retail and pharmaceutical markets. His management consulting practice has focused on increasing brand and shareholder value. For the last 14 years, Mr. Brachman's consulting firm has delivered direction and leadership in three areas: market leadership (portfolio, price, profitability, standards and market share); core technology leadership (valuation, quality, and systems applications); new channels for growth (internal and external communications, marketing and distribution). Mr. Brachman has provided direction and organizational leadership to many global market leaders including Glaxo-Wellcome, Bristol-Myers Squibb, J&J/Janssen, DuPont, Grand Metropolitan/Burger King, IMASCO/Hardee's, Coca Cola, Federal Express, RJR Nabisco, Coors, Mars, Marriott, IgM, Xerox and Kodak. Before founding Brachman Associates in 1985, Fred Brachman spent 17 years with Kodak in many consulting and management positions including marketing, distribution, manufacturing, new products development, and business planning and intelligence.

Patty Brachman, RN, VP Customer Services, develops and manages the nurse practitioner-oriented training for distributor sales representatives and oversees the customer service function responsible for providing technical and product information to distributors and consumers. Ms. Brachman also manages the trade show functions.

Thack Brown, former Director of Public and Investor Relations for Burroughs Wellcome Company, an international leader in OTC and pharmaceutical product development and marketing, provides assistance with Public Relations projects leading to serious considerations and qualification of leading marketing and distribution companies in the medical, industrial, institutional and government marketing channels.

Robert E. Clark, M.D., Ph. D., is chairman of the Technical Advisory Committee. Dr. Clark is an Associate Professor of Medicine and Director of the Dermatology Surgical Unit and Cosmetic Laser Center at Duke University Medical Center. He provides ongoing counsel on both product testing and medical claims.

Lynne Kroner provides the financial planning and analysis for proper accounting controls and sourcing of capital needed to fund Protèque's business development. Also, she and her staff provide the systems and monthly payroll, tax, accounting, and governmental filing support needed.

Nancy Monteiro-Riviere, Ph.D., a Consultant, is our Consulting Director of Cutaneous Pharmacology and Toxicology Testing. She is Professor of Investigative Dermatology and Toxicology at the North Carolina State University. Her research in Cutaneous biology and toxicology are published worldwide throughout the professional medical community and government agencies.

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