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Non-Steroid Protque for Hand Eczema and Irritant Contact Dermatitis

Protque™ Skin Protectant Lotion is 100% in conformance with the FDA OTC drug monograph 21CFR 347 for skin protectants. Indications: Helps prevent and temporarily protects chafed, chapped, cracked or wind-burned skin. Our clinical research studies at UCSF, NCSU and BioScience Laboratories are available on request and our internet web site

Protque Skin Protectant Lotion is for use by:

  1. physicians, nurses, technicians and staff
  2. all patients with dry irritated, cracked, chapped, chafed, fissured, itchy skin especially on the hands – referred to by most physicians as irritant contact dermatitis or hand eczema.
  3. children and infants with either irritant contact dermatitis, rashes from clothing or diapers or recurring eczema-type skin conditions on the hands, body, arms, legs and feet
  4. elderly or seniors with dry, cracked, hands or feet.

What is different about Protque Skin Protection System?

It is the first OTC non-steroid with clinical studies from well-recognized dermatology authorities supporting Protque’s All-in-One Solution claims for "irritated skin:"

  1. Controlled double blind pilot clinical study of the claim --"prevents irritant contact dermatitis" (reference Study at University of California San Francisco Dermatology Dept on our web site.
  2. NON-STEROID OTC product used "to help prevent and temporarily protect chafed, chapped, cracked or windburned skin." Reference controlled scientific study using porcine model of "Protque for treatment of irritant contact dermatitis" at North Carolina State University on our web site.
  3. Protque has the only skin lotion and protectant with clinical human study data proving compliance with Infection Control hospital standards that Protque lotion does not adversely affect the antimicrobial properties of 4% chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) surgical scrub products such as Hibiclens . Reference BioScience Study by Dr. Daryl Paulson.
  4. We recommend dispensing only 2 samples per patient as a 5-8 day supply. Each 4ml sample tube contains 8 hand or small area applications. For chronic cases the patient should order or buy a 120ml bottle with our GUARANTEED SATISFACTION. 

Patty A. Brachman, RN, Vice President Fred L. Brachman, President and CEO


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