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Date: January 3, 2002 Link:  Home Page

Visitors to can now view the page in multiple languages. Simply click the appropriate link under "Translate" on the home page.

Date: November 1, 2001 Link:  December 2001 Newsletter

Our latest newsletter covers topics such as the San Francisco Pediatric Conference, References for Sports Athletes, and proteque's availablitity.

Date: November 1, 2001 Link:  New Proteque Non-Steroid Approach for Eczema Children At San Francisco Pediatric Conference
See Press Release 13: New Proteque Non-Steroid Approach for Eczema Children
At San Francisco Pediatric Conference.


Date: March 28, 2001 Link:  Hear what Dr. Mark Rubin has to say about Proteque
Mark G. Rubin, MD, is a board-certified dermatologist, currently practicing at the Lasky clinic in Beverly Hills which specializes in cosmetic dermatology. In addition, Dr. Rubin is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the University of California, San Diego.


Date: February 21, 2001 Link: Proteque Seeking M&A or Private Equity Partner in New Approach to Eczema
See Press Release 12: Proteque Seeking M&A or Private Equity Partner in New Approach to Eczema.


Date: February 19, 2001 Link: Interview: Listen Now
Wall Street Report Healthcare Industry Analyst conducts interview with Proteque international CEO.


Date: January 16, 2001 Link: Eczema Education Guide for Parents and Physicians Focuses on Prevention -- Free
Check out Proteque's 11th Press release - Eczema Education Guide for Parents and Physicians Focuses on Prevention - Free.


Date: December 20, 2000 Link: What Every Family With Eczema Should Know: Eczema Education Guide for Parents and Physicians
Be sure to see Proteque's new education guide for families with eczema:
What Every Family With Eczema Should Know: Eczema Education Guide for Parents and Physicians


Date: December 4, 2000 Link: Proteque's 10th Press Release
Non-Steroid Approach to Manage Eczema for Children and Physicians Presented At National Pediatric Conferences by Raleigh NC Dermatology Company


Date: May 15, 2000 Link: Proteque's 9th Press Release
New Proteque Non-Steroid approach for eczema children introduced at Boston Pediatric Conference


Date: June 25, 2000 Link: Proteque Special Edition Newsletter
Parent Education for Children with Skin Problems – Eczema or Dermatitis Questions & Answers by Carol S. Stern, Dermatologist.


Date: April 29, 2000 Link: Proteque's Steroid-Sparing Approach for Eczema Sufferers.
Proteque has just released its 8th Press Release - Proteque's Steroid-Sparing Approach for Eczema Sufferers.


Date: April 14, 2000 Link: Proteque Spanish Site
A Spanish version of Proteque has just been launched.


Date: February 1, 2000 Link: Proteque February 2000 Newsletter
Proteque has published the February Newsletter featuring an interview with Heather Blackwell, Dermatologist Assistant and Nurse, about hand eczema. A second article is about massage for infant dermatitis.


Date: December 15, 1999 Link: Proteque December Newsletter
Proteque has published the December Newsletter featuring an interview with Dr. Katie Fine, pediatrician, about child eczema.


Date: October 14, 1999 Link: Dermatitis Symposium


Date: August 30, 1999 Link: List of Dermatologists
See the newly updated list of Dermatologists that are dispensing Proteque. Now there are over 160.


Date: April 9, 1999 Link: Dispensing Dermatologists Who Sell Proteque
Over 30 additions have been added to the list of Dermatologists who sell Proteque.


Date: February 27, 1999 Link: Press Release #5
See the new press release, New Non-Corticosteroid Proteque Lotion to Reduce Skin Irritation and UVB Sun Damage Presented by Skin Expert at Hawaii Conference


Date: February 1, 1999 Link: Proteque talks "skin sense" on TV in PA.
See Proteque's 4th Press Release- Proteque talks "skin sense" on TV in PA


Date: January 24, 1999 Link: Dispensing Dermatologists Who Sell Proteque
Stop by and see this list to find out where you can get Proteque.


Date: January 24, 1999 Link: N/A
Attention: Webmasters, healthcare activists, healthcare journalists, Internet health forum managers, eczema sufferers Please link or refer this website to any other educational site, support groups, healthcare forums, and associations dedicated to skin disease prevention, management and education. We need your assistance to create awareness that there are new approaches being promoted by US Dermatologists to help patients with this disease or condition.


Date: January 5, 1999 Link: Upcoming Hawaii Presentation Outline
See the newly added document, "REDUCTION OF IRRITATION BY A NON-CORTICOSTEROID TOPICAL AGENT" by Dr. Monteiro-Riviere.


Date: November 18, 1998 Link: N/A
Proteque announced that the three leading pharmaceutical wholesalers will be distributing Proteque throughout the US including Hawaii -- Bergen Brunswig, Cardinal Health and McKesson. NC Mutual Drug will also distribute in NC and VA to over 325 independent drug stores and Kerr Drugs. Proteque is available at the pharmacy counter or can be ordered through your pharmacist.


Date: November 1, 1998 Link: N/A
For lotion recommended or dispensed by Over 1,000 Dermatologists and thousands of pharmacists throughout the US are now using Proteque with patients who have Hand Eczema and Irritant Contact Dermatitis. Proteque is is the first NON-STEROID OTC for prevention and treatment. Physicians appreciate that Proteque can be used with or without topical corticosteroids to manage this skin condition. The first markets for introduction are California, Texas, Georgia, Louisianna, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, and North Carolina. Over 1,000 Pediatricians, Family Practice, and OB-GYNs also are recommending this NON-STEROID OTC product and providing samples to patients of all ages.


Date: August 20, 1998 Link: Clincal Study
See our latest clinical study by ciba on anti-microbial effectiveness of Proteque.

"Finding support 6 hours of continuous kill of Staph. Aureus and E. Coli even through multiple washings.  This feature in combination with Proteque's prevention and treatment of hand eczema for healthcare and food service workers is critical to hospital, nursing home and other healthcare environments because hand eczema is a primary cause of cross-infection of infections according to published Medline medical reports.


Date: August 8, 1998 Link: MedEcon Contract
See the new MedEcon Contract.


Date: May 16, 1998 Link: Contract Award 
Diversified Network Services (DNS) Announces Contract Award To New Contact Dermatitis Disease Management Company- Protèque International. 

Date: May 15, 1998 Link: New Sufferer Document 
The New Sufferer Dosument was added to inform consumers of the patient concerns relating to Contact Dermatitis and Eczema Skin Disease.


Date: May 14, 1998 Link: Non-Steroid Proteque Document.
Be sure to view the newly added Non-Steroid Proteque Document.


Date: May 13, 1998 Link: Irritant Contact Dermatitis and Eczema Therapies 
See by Physicians which includes the latest authoritative Medical References on the subjects of Contact Dermatitis, Hand Eczema, and Corticosteroids.  


Date: April 14, 1998 Link: New Informative Graph
Visit our showing the effects of Protèque treatment of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) induced skin irritation.


Date: April, 10 1998 Link: Research Results
Visit our newly revised and updated research results containing new clinical studies and reports concerning our product.


Date: March 30, 1998 Link: Research Report
See newly released research report (Contact Dermatitis: A Major Occupational Health Problem).


Date: May 12, 1998 Link: Consumer Education
Physician Education
Please visit our newly revised andpages on this web site for the most complete set of dermatology resource links on the internet relating to contact dermatitis and eczema topics. These links also include the American Academy of Dermatology. Soon to be added are specific clinical reports on topics explaining key issues about prevention of irritant contact dermatitis and specifically irritant contact dermatitis of the hands, sometimes referred to as hand eczema.


Date: February 28, 1998 Link: N/A

Protèque International officially introduced to the Dermatology physician community its newly formulated SPS Skin Protectant Lotion for prevention and treatment of skin irritation. Over 240 dermatologists from the US and International countries committed to using the new product for their staff and patients. Several will be dispensing the product from their offices. Others will be referring patients to in house pharmacies or to the Protèque 800 number. The North American Contact Dermatitis Group agreed to provide counsel on Protèque's educational initiatives for both consumers and physicians.

Preliminary results of the double blind clinical trial for "Prevention of Irritant Contact Dermatitis" showed significant statistical difference between Protèque and the unprotected skin on human subjects. Final results and presentations of the study will be made at upcoming Dermatology Conferences in the US later this year.


Date: January 26, 1998 Link: N/A
Announced at the Hawaii Dermatology meeting with 250 dermatologists. A new product called Protèque SPS for the prevention of irritant contact dermatitis was introduced.

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