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Protèque® Skin Protectant Lotion relieves itchy, red, cracking skin caused by dermatitis and eczema without steroids!  It’s the only non-steroid all-in-one solution. It kills bacteria, protects against irritants and soothes inflamed skin. Not greasy. Used by more than 10,000 doctors including leading dermatologists. See our university-based dermatology clinical studies.

Protèque has been uniquely formulated as an all-in-one skin protection system to protect and relieve your skin from common irritants abundant in today's world -- like soaps, cosmetics, paper, jewelry, harsh cleansers, chemicals, protective gloves, incontinence, water, and even drugs.

 Protèque combines three distinctive functions into an All-in-One Solution for irritated skin:  

1) Protectant against irritants that can cause contact dermatitis and eczema, the most frequent types of occupational skin disease.

2) Non-steroid Botanical anti-inflammatory benefits for irritated, red, damaged skin.

3) Antimicrobial that kills Staph. Aureus and E. Coli.

Unlike moisturizers that merely provide temporary relief, our dermatologist and pediatrician-recommended skin protection system forms a protective layer that prevents irritation and helps prevent recurrence of symptoms.  This is viewed by physicians as a “steroid-sparing” approach to skin disease management whether Protèque is used with or without corticosteroids.


This list of questions is based on survey feedback about USES of Protèque from over 5,000 dermatologists and pediatricians, together with the results of pilot clinical studies and advice of our international expert medical consultants.

Do YOU or your Children/Baby, Spouse, Parents, Friend, Employees:

·         Suffer from hand or body eczema, irritant contact dermatitis, rosacea?

·         Have chronic or acute itchy skin?

·         Experience dryness, redness, irritation, cracking, fissuring or painful skin

-- on hands, feet, body, face, arms, legs?

·         Wash your hands frequently?

·         Overuse steroid creams prescribed by your family physician, pediatrician, Ob-Gyn, dermatologist, allergist, podiatrist?

·         Wear powdered or unpowdered latex protective gloves?

·         Expose your hands, face or body to frequent handwashing, recycled office papers, cosmetics, nickel jewelry, household or laboratory chemicals or other irritants?

·         Use prescription acne or other medication that causes extreme skin dryness and itch?

·         Have tightness or itchiness after recent surgery procedures at the site of the incision?

·         Exposure your skin to wind, UV, and harsh weather conditions at work or in sports?

·         Work in offices handling a lot of paper that contains formaldehyde and other chemicals from the recycling process?

·         Experience painful red diaper rashes or facial redness and chapping (from baby teething or drooling)?

·         Have typical diabetes-related skin problems usually on the feet and leg such as extreme dryness, cracking and pre-ulcer conditions?

·         Receive cancer treatments such as radiation that causes burns or chemotherapy drugs that have serious hand and foot dry cracking skin syndrome as side effects?

·         Get bed sores or adult incontinence skin breakdown in nursing homes or wheelchairs?

·         Know AIDS HIV positive patients with problematic skin conditions prone to infection?

·         Want to keep your skin healthy and young looking while you work and play (sports, garden, walk, run)

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you may order Protèque at no risk (because there is a money back satisfaction guarantee).  We always recommend that, if possible, you consult your physician for any health problems and get a proper diagnosis and recommendation.  Doctors like to know when a patient finds a product that really works for them so be sure to tell your docotor (dermatologists, pediatricians, family practice, internal medicine, etc.) about Protèque.

Click For Where To Get Protèque

Consumers: Call 1-866-371-2499 or Buy Online at
Resellers or Bulk Purchasers: Call 1-866-371-2499

Repeated washings with soaps remove the barrier of lipids which are our skin's protective film of oil [Epidermal Barrier Function]. A damaged skin barrier is a portal of entry into the body for allergens, viruses and bacteria. This barrier is critical to infection control. The natural regeneration of healthy skin is prohibited once this breakdown of the skin integrity occurs.

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Protèque is water resistant and concentrated. Therefore, one small application of Protèque provides hours of hand and body skin protection. Protèque's exclusive formula bonds with the outermost layer of the skin to form a non-greasy, water-resistant, anti-itch protective layer that keeps irritants away from the skin while creating a safe and healthy skin environment. Protèque seals in moisture, even through multiple washings without clogging your pores.

Wash and dry skin thoroughly. For hands, use a dime size portion only 2-3 times daily. Usually one application per day is sufficient for the face and for babies. One application usually lasts through 15-20 washing so do not waste it.

Indication: Helps prevent and temporarily protects chafed chapped, cracked or wind-burned skin.


Considered safe and recommended by over 1000 Pediatricians for children of all ages.

For external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes. Not to be applied over puncture wounds or infections. Discontinue use of Protèque if condition becomes worse.


Resellers or Bulk Purchasers:
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Consumers: Consumers: Call 1-866-371-2499 or Buy Online at
Resellers or Bulk Purchasers: Call 1-866-371-2499

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