January 2, 1997

Prepared by:
Dr. Robert E. Clark, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Medicine
Dermatological Surgery Unit and
Cosmetic Laser Center
Duke University Medical Center
Durham, NC

I have found this unique hand and body lotion to be safe and to provide superb protection against chronically dry skin and an excellent barrier to repeated hand washing between surgical procedures and patient contact. I am most impressed with the rapid absorption into the skin requiring 30 seconds or less, thereby allowing me to return to work without undue delay. The advanced dimethicone formulation is non-greasy but protective and its presence can be "sensed" even after multiple hand washings with harsh chlorhexidine detergents. Even the fresh, clean fragrance remains.

I have had the opportunity to share this unique product with several surgical colleagues, dermatologists, nurses, and patients. All have had glowing remarks regarding the quality, and usefulness or this skin protective system.

The barrier environment established by the regular use of Protèque will be of tremendous benefit to many workers exposed to a variety of contact allergens, environmental irritants, or chronic hand washing. Protèque antibacterial Hand Wash is another product that will complement the effectiveness of Protèque hand and body lotion.

The list of workers and individuals who will benefit from this unique product are too numerous to list here but definitely include healthcare workers, cosmetologists, flight attendants, newborn children, incontinent adults plus many, many others.

I look forward to the availability of Protèque skin and body lotion and recommend the use of this safe and effective product by anyone with a need for skin protection.

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