Listen to what Dr. Mark Rubin has to say.

Mark G. Rubin, MD

Mark G. Rubin, MD, is a board-certified dermatologist, currently practicing at the Lasky clinic in Beverly Hills which specializes in cosmetic dermatology. In addition, Dr. Rubin is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the University of California, San Diego.

Dr. Rubin is a specialist in skin rejuvenation and has written multiple papers, book chapters and a textbook on this subject. He has also personally trained over 600 physicians in his techniques. He is an international lecturer and has presented his ideas and research in more than ten countries.

In addition to his work with patients, Dr. Rubin also performs clinical research projects, and works as a consultant for various skin care and medical device companies.

His lecture entitled "Pharmacology and Use of Contemporary Skin Care Agents" was given at the 1999 UCSF Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Surgery Course which took place in San Francisco, November 18Ð21.

The course presented by the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine is designed to provide practitioners interested in aesthetic patient care with the most contemporary data on the use of minimally invasive, office-based procedures. The course offers multidisciplinary lectures emphasizing techniques that will be applicable for specialists in a broad range of fields including plastic surgery, dermatology, ophthalmology and maxillofacial surgery.

Listen to what Dr. Mark Rubin has to say.

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